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Friday, May 9th 2014, 5:43pm


Eujung isn't the type of girl/woman who looks really stnnuing and pretty at first, also she's not really a head turner, maybe not even the type where you'll take a second look or a lingering one until she disappear. BUT. She's pretty gorgeous in her own way. Like when you don't notice her at first then you stare at her for the longest time, the more time you spent staring at her she gets really pretty by the minute. (hope you get what `am trying to say ) Anyways, we all have a different standard of beauty, what maybe beautiful for me isn't for you or some people and vice versa. Either way, EJ doesn't only have a pretty face but also got a good head on her shoulder + a good manners and conduct and a quirky character and sunny disposition. Who wouldn't love and like her right? Anyways, just like this encounter the person in involved knows that she's a big time Idol but when he/she gets to interact w/ EJ she wasn't even acting like some hotshot star rather she was just like everybody else. Normal. Twas good, and they saw how she takes good care of the person she's with (JW). Oh! Janggunim is such lucky! Don't let her slip away, or i'll hang you upside down!




Friday, May 9th 2014, 5:58pm


well she's not only a down to earth person. And rellay Eunjung is someone that is more beneath the surface. She's a deep person, hence her tweets most often than not, fans don't rellay understand. Regarding JangWoo's bad temper'? I don't think he has bad temper, it's more of EJ's thingy.^^ I think you mean to say is bad attitude' based on your example. Uhm, I don't think JW has had/have bad temper nor a bad attitude. More like childish yes, but that's given specially he is a guy after all. Guys tend to act childish/foolish around their girl. Regarding the forgotten wedding ring, twas just that. He just plainly forgot it, maybe because he was too nervous deep inside and he forgot to bring it w/ him. Overall as far as I can say, JW has the most sweetest personality as of the current WGM pairing, he's just all over EJ. And like his wife I sense that the real JW is also more than meets the eye. And I rellay like them for that.




Friday, May 9th 2014, 6:59pm


That is because EunJung have the X-factor' or the sex apepal as what others might say or describe. Everyone can argue that she's not the prettiest idol nor the sexiest but she's got the sex apepal/ x factor that's a HUGE plus for everyone or anybody to's like when you see a pretty/beautiful girl or a handsome guy, but they don't have that certain charm or pull on them, then that's when they lose. They become ordinary looking, yes they're pretty/ handsome but it just become another adjective to describe them. And Yeah, JW's mom is really envious of EJ's mom, she reallt wants a daughter like her. Hopefully the lucky guy is Jangwoo. *grins*




Friday, May 9th 2014, 8:00pm


who knows ?? Hara from Kara is dating now.. and erneyove know that.. I heard that CCM never banned T-ara from dating..but I think it's Eunjung who is always silent about her personal things and we have to respect it




Friday, May 9th 2014, 9:50pm


What can I say? we full with great news from saturday..I love the first pic, hoidlng hands? can you see how close their parents..make my 2cent work this isn't their first meet maybe they had meet several time? omo..omo..even their parents close as them, do you know what is it mean? heart beating so fast to imagine a wild thing, he..he..yes I am going crazy because of you woojung..let me ask to all of you is it usual to involve their parent to far for wgm? honestly I never watched WGM except Woojung and to all woojung lover which live in Bali please stalk them and share with us..I am Indonesian too but unfortunately I won't be able to stalk them cause my place far a way from Bali Guys, I am count on you and waiting for another great news..Woojung lover in Bali fighting!!!




Friday, May 9th 2014, 10:26pm


Damn. MBC- PDnim! why are you being like this?!!╰(◣﹏◢)╯require Eun Jung injured for your sake! >ㅅ<of cusore I ever have thought Woojung will visit their drama filming each other, it would sound great if it happens, but I should not hear this, begging for report Eun Jung when she fell from a horse / hurting herself.This is really not kidding!(⌣́_⌣̀)It's the wrong way for this.. ㅠ.ㅠ shitty. today is WooJung WGM filming day?? ⊙.⊙oooh God! hope Jang Woo oppa take care of Eun Jung completely read her tweets every day makes me very concerned about the situation.. (b4⌒`)she was always complained of pain in her body but she covered it and pretend she was cured in public. but who knew she was so hurt inside??? ( ̄ ~ ̄)




Saturday, May 10th 2014, 8:04am


ahh yes,yuoi,it was a matter of i am more at ej side reahtr than jw side.but i do love woojung because jw show he is such a great hubby ^^it was only his words above lil bit disturb me.he is not sure with himself what will happen on stage.then how a woman can trust him if he has no faith with himself.not reliable.there was also rehearsal,so he must know what will happen and how to avoid mistake.the scene is not even dancing or moving but just standing might forgot lyrics,dance step,but kiss?rare case.but then again,if his dialouge was arranged for the sake of cant blame entertainment world real and fake blend together just which part do you tend to believe is depend personal povyou did GREAT job ^^ i don’t want mess up here

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